Why California Residents Use Long Distance Moving Companies to Move to Texas

Long Distance Moving Companies Reviews

When planning a move across town, or the country, don’t overlook the Austin and Dallas, Texas area. Luckily, hiring dependable long-distance movers in Los Angeles can streamline and make the experience more stress-free for families, individuals, and corporations of all sizes.

Long Distance Movers Remove The Hassle

When considering a move to Houston, Dallas, or Austin, Texas, choosing a long-distance mover to handle all the details (and reading their long distance moving companies reviews beforehand) streamlines the process and removes the hassle.

Undoubtedly, any move comes with its share of difficulties and challenges – and the further the distance of the move, the more complicated it can become.

Ready-To-Go Movers specializes in providing dependable, reliable, and trusted long-distance and short-distance moving services to individuals, families, and corporate clients throughout Texas.

“Long-distance moving doesn’t have to be a hassle,” said Alex V. the owner. “The experienced and detail-oriented moving team at Ready-To-Go Movers is available to streamline the entire moving process. Whether moving from a central tech hub such as San Francisco, or away from the East Coast, Ready-To-Go Movers alleviates much of the stress that’s common when navigating a relocation.”

Whether moving the contents of a small apartment, a three-bedroom home, or a multilevel business office, the professional movers at Ready-To-Go Movers handle the job with proficiency, care, and while paying attention to every detail.

Long distance moving company reviews

Texas Is The Place To Be In 2021

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Texas has emerged as one of the fastest-growing states in the US. Before the healthcare crisis, a report released by Texas Realtors disclosed that in 2019 over 500K people moved to Texas.

Major corporations that have recently transitioned headquarters, partial operations, or opened new facilities in the Lone Star State include:

  • Oracle – Moved headquarters to Austin in late 2020
  • Tesla – Is constructing a new Gigafactory in Austin.
  • Apple – Is hosting the second-largest campus in Austin.
  • Charles Schwab – Relocated headquarters from California to Dallas.
  • CBRE – Also relocated headquarters to Dallas.

As a result, this influx of large corporations is helping to support an already robust economy. Technology-driven companies are shifting their existing workforces and seeking new talent to fill roles in engineering, manufacturing, administrative positions, and fill other vacancies.

In addition to larger corporate entities relocating to Texas, many smaller companies and businesses have shifted operations to Austin, Dallas, and Houston, bringing along employees and creating new employment and advancement opportunities for individuals who already call the area home.

According to recent statistics, the number of relocations in 2021 increased 45% ahead of the same time in 2020. It’s forecast that the Lone Star State could experience the most significant number of relocations ever before the year ends.

Other Reasons People Are Moving to Texas

New business and employment opportunities aren’t the only reason people across the United States are considering a long-distance move to Texas.

Cost Of Living – While individual home prices can vary, the cost of living in the major metropolitan areas like Houston, Austin, and Dallas is relatively low, especially compared to cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. The average home price runs between $150 to $200K. Anyone thinking about moving to Texas is almost sure to find suitable housing with several metropolitan areas, suburban neighborhoods, and rural areas throughout the sprawling state.

Taxation – Texas is one of only nine states in the US that doesn’t impose a state income tax on residents. When considering the neighboring state of California charges nearly 13.5% state income tax, and New York assesses about 9% state income tax, it makes both dollars and sense to move to Texas.

Free Enterprise Friendly – Not surprisingly, much of Texas’ strong economy has the State’s Free Enterprise Friendly approach to conducting business. While the state isn’t going to do much to help companies get ahead, the leadership also uses a hands-off approach that doesn’t stand in the way, either.

With this, there are plenty of opportunities for people seeking employment, entrepreneurs looking to strike the next big thing, and companies who want to gain momentum when other states hold them back.

All of these factors are reason enough for anyone to consider moving to Texas (and hence hiring long distance movers from California to Texas). It’s a great place to call home with a great mix of metropolitan, suburban, and rural landscapes.

Start Planning A Long-Distance Move To Texas

For more information on residential or commercial moving services or to get a free, no-obligation quote on a long-distance or local move in Houston, Austin, or Dallas, Texas, please get in contact with the experts at Ready-To-Go Movers today.

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