Top Financial Services Marketing Consultant Honored by IARFC

Financial Advisor Marketing Expert Clint Arthur, Highest Rated Speaker at International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, on Nasdaq Jumbotron in Times Square, NYC

Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur has just been officially honored as Highest Rated Speaker by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC).

“The Guy Who Gets Financial Advisors Appearances at Harvard” (Wall Street Journal), a graduate of Wharton Business School’s entrepreneurial management program, Dan Kennedy’s reigning GKIC Info-Marketer of the Year, and #1 International Bestselling Author of What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School, Clint Arthur has helped more than 1,300 Financial Advisors, Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants to create more Impact, Influence & Income with cutting-edge personal branding and marketing strategies.

The IARFC recognizes Clint as “a qualified professional that renders outstanding services to the public of unique nature and value … a Celebrity Expert since 2012 [who] has consistently taught Authors, Speakers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs how to deploy his proven repeatable ‘Magic Messenger Formula for Booking Free TV Appearances.’”

Award-winning financial advisor marketing consultant Clint Arthur on ABC7 Chicago

Because of Clint’s Wharton background, Financial Advisors are his favorite clients: “I understand them so well, and know how to give them tools which accelerate their marketing, business, practice, and career immediately and powerfully.

“My #1 marketing tip for Financial Advisors and Financial Service Professionals,” says Clint, “is to be the only possible choice.

“Having worked with dozens of Financial Advisors, my #1 piece of marketing advice is to be the only possible choice for your customers and prospects by becoming a Celebrity Financial Advisor.

Clint Arthur specializes in transforming Financial Advisors into confident Leaders who attract clients hungry to work with them every single day. His world-famous Celebrity-making events & experiences give Advisors & Entrepreneurial Experts priceless lifelong marketing assets that create instant credibility, power, & authority in any crowded marketplace, and maximize their ability to close High-Ticket deals and eliminate resistance to their offers.

Clint says that public speaking “led me to what I do now: helping Advisors, Speakers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs to make their dreams become their reality,” and it all starts at prestige venues including Harvard Club of Boston and NASDAQ in New York City.

Marketing expert Clint Arthur speaking to a full audience of financial advisors, entrepreneurs & experts from the podium inside Nasdaq, New York City

His VIP Speaking events at these prestige venues, and the only TV Publicity media training that takes place on real local TV news & talk shows produced by ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX, help his clients to do just that: be the only possible choice.

Financial advisor marketing consultant Clint Arthur on The TODAY Show

By leveraging these priceless, lifelong marketing assets – corporate attachment via VIP Speaking, and the “Magic Messenger Formula” to book TV appearances on local & national news & talk shows – Financial Advisors raise their Status in the marketplace, transform into Celebrities in the eyes of their customers and prospects, and position themselves as the top Experts in the financial services industry, as Financial Leaders.

This new power positioning allows them to “stand out amid hundreds of thousands of financial advisors offering similar services whose quality is hard for consumers to distinguish” (WSJ) – getting an unfair competitive advantage, spreading awareness of their expertise to more people.

Clint has had the privilege of sharing this message at the Financial Policy Council in New York City, at IARFC, and at NASDAQ. He has shared this message on the same stage as George H. Ross (Donald Trump’s attorney of 40+ years) and Caitlyn Jenner at Harvard Club of Boston; at great corporations including Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz & Microsoft; with the leaders of America’s future at West Point Military Academy; and on the TODAY Show with actress Brooke Shields.

Clint Arthur and Brooke Shields

He shares this message in his documentary, “Celebrity Entrepreneur”, which has received Official Selections from 6 film festivals and counting, and is premiering at American Documentary Film Festival (AMDOCS) in Palm Springs, California on Sunday, Mar. 31.

Financial Advisors interested in Clint Arthur’s transformational experiences can view Client Testimonials and apply for his mentorship at Clint Arthur Financial Marketing.

Advisor Marketing: 7 Steps to 7-Figure Financial Expert

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about how Clint Arthur is helping financial advisors to CRUSH IT:

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