Online Gift Store Franny4U Launches with Father’s Day Apparel & Decor Sale

Franny4U is excited to announce the launch of its online store, which offers a unique selection of limited edition apparel, cups and mugs, wall panels, posters, and other fun items. Since the store is launching so close to Father’s Day celebrations, Franny4U is holding a special Father’s Day Apparel and Decor Sale and will also be featuring an exclusive series of Father’s Day products. The upcoming Father’s Day sale dates will be announced in the lead up to the holiday.

Father’s Day, which was made an official American holiday in 1972, is a perfect opportunity to show dads how much they are appreciated. Franny4U has a range of products that will make a memorable present for any dad, whether he is a truck driver, a fireman, or a biker. The store carries merchandise a father will love, including t-shirts, hoodies, wall art, mugs, and water bottles. A Franny4U spokesperson said the Father’s Day line is designed to encourage a father to “show the world what he’s made of.”

With any holiday, there comes the concern of a shopping rush, but Franny4U customers need not worry. Franny4U is owned by RKAD Enterprises Inc., a digital marketing company with years of e-commerce experience. Their skilled team will make sure that the customer’s online shopping experience is easy and seamless.

Franny4U was founded by a young entrepreneur, Alexander Velitchko. The store is dedicated to the memory of his late mom, Francine Martin, who passed away from cancer at forty-nine years old. Alexander hopes the Franny4U store will continue his mother’s tradition of sharing creative, memory-making gifts with the world. The special items in the store are based on favorite hobbies and interests that he and his mother and father have lived, laughed, and loved around. Velitchko hopes that the Franny4U online store will encourage people of all ages to show pride in the passions that mean the most to them and will share those passions with their family.

Franny4U is a unique online gift store that sells limited edition apparel, home decor, and more. The store connects people with original items so they can find the perfect gift for themselves or their loved ones.  Dedicated to the memory of the store founder’s late mother, Franny4U offers fun products for passionate people nationwide and internationally.


For more information about the Father’s Day sale and product line, visit the Franny4U website at The Franny4U customer service team can be reached by email at or by phone at (415) 289-9858.

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