Jerry Greenfield Invited to Speak at Carnegie Hall Seminar

JERRY GREENFIELD, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s, is scheduled to be a Featured Main Stage Speaker at the Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing conference at Carnegie Hall on September 26-27-28, 2019.

Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry's Homemade

Created by Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur (www.ClintArthur.TV), Living Legends is the first-ever entrepreneurial event in the storied 128-year history of Carnegie Hall.

The conference will feature an all-star cast of celebrities & business legends – including Jerry Greenfield, alongside Martha Stewart; Ice-T & Coco; Dan Kennedy; Walter O’Brien (The Smartest Man in the World, Scorpion); Michael E. Gerber; Dylan Howard, Chief Content Officer at American Media Inc.; and Hal Elrod, self-publishing phenomenon & creator of “The Miracle Morning” – who will share their “Last Lectures” on “how to thrive as an Entrepreneur”, and lessons & “Blow-Your-Mind Business Wisdom” from their careers with a collective mission of helping the Entrepreneurs in attendance to transform their lives and live with more Impact on themselves and the world – just like the many legendary performers & speakers who made history at Carnegie Hall before them.

Every speaker at Living Legends is a person who has earned their way to Carnegie Hall through unrivaled success on the entrepreneurial battlefield. You have questions – they KNOW the answers.

More Reasons to Step Up for Clint Arthur Presents Living Legends at Carnegie Hall:

  1. Transform Your Vision of Your Life & Career Forever
  2. Connect with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
  3. Make Deals & Joint Ventures
  5. Aha Business Insights will Illuminate Years of Darkness!
  6. Get EDUCATED Directly by Living Legends
  7. ICE-T & COCO!
  8. Get Answers to burning questions about Your Business
  9. These Ideas = Money
  10. Modus Operandi & Strategies to Excite & Motivate YOU!
  11. Connect with a Person You Know & Admire
  12. Have Fun Learning with Friends — and Make New Friends
  13. Be Part of The Very First Entrepreneurs Conference in Carnegie Hall’s 128-Year History!
  14. Enjoy World Class Info-Tainment
  15. Get Inspired & Motivated to Blow Up Your Business
  16. Enjoy New York City ENERGY!
  17. For VIP Attendees: Once-In-A-Lifetime Photo Opps with Legends inside Carnegie Hall
  18. Escape the Office for 3 or More Days!
  19. Discover New Tools, Resources, & State of the Art Success Stuff
  20. Get Recognized by Peers who Understand the Cool Things You’re Doing
  21. Recharge, Reinvent, Revitalize, & Renew your Passion for Entrepreneurship!
  22. Be Part of an A+ Community of Superstar Business Leaders

For more information about the event, registration & tickets, visit

View the official event listing for Clint Arthur’s “Living Legends” at Carnegie Hall.

Clint Arthur Presents Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing at Carnegie Hall - Sept 26-28, 2019


Founded in 1891, Carnegie Hall was built by legendary industrialist Andrew Carnegie with a vision of creating the premier venue for performance in the world. Legendary speakers & performers who have previously appeared at Carnegie Hall include Mark Twain, who performed his “Last Lecture” at Carnegie Hall; Booker T. Washington; Teddy Roosevelt; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Albert Einstein; Groucho Marx; J.K. Rowling; Jerry Seinfeld; The Beatles; Ernest Hemingway; Woodrow Wilson; Bob Dylan; Sammy Davis Jr.; Robin Williams; Dean Martin; Frank Sinatra; Judy Garland; Liza Minnelli; The Rolling Stones; Neil Young; Chris Rock; Bruce Springsteen; Lady Gaga; Tony Bennett; Bono; Andy Kaufman; Brooke Shields; and Sir Winston Churchill.

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