How Occupational Medical Certificates Benefit Companies and Employees

Occupational Medical Certificates in CDMX

Obtaining workplace medical certificates for employees is a best practice for Mexican companies to follow, in order to best understand & monitor the health & safety of their employees.

Generally, companies send their workers to undergo occupational medical exams in order to comply with the regulations that govern their performance, without stopping to consider the true importance of these examinations for the company and its workers.

Carrying out occupational medical evaluations allows companies to obtain a Health Diagnosis of their working population, where they can visualize the demographic distribution, the risks to which their collaborators are exposed and the pathologies found in them; whether or not they are related to work, making it easier for them to support the promotion of health, and prevention of health conditions, for employees – not only in the workplace, but also to guide them in the implementation of Public Health Surveillance Systems.

It is important to know that occupational examinations can only be performed by a Specialist in Occupational Health or Occupational Medicine, and the employer – with a job profile diagram – establishes the profiles of the positions, the activities to be carried out and the risks to which their workers are exposed.

What is a medical certificate?

Workplace medical certificates in Mexico

The medical certificate is a written testimony about the health of a patient. Over time, issuing medical certificates has become a frequent practice in specialized medical offices linked to primary care, becoming in some cases the main objective of the consultation. Complacency and falsehood are examples of manipulation, misuse, and disparagement that has suffered for years, with the responsibility shared by both patients and doctors. 

To help generate a space for discussion to move towards a uniform process in medical certification, CERTOLAB highlights the importance of doing it seriously, keeping the patient’s health care as the main objective, and addressing issues such as its obligation, the formalities of its preparation, and the limitations that doctors may face when assuming this task.

What are the contents of a medical certificate?

There are two kinds of medical certificates: 

  1. those that are required by law, including death, birth, etc., and
  2. those called simple, which are the ones usually written by a medical office.

The situations that lead to preparing the so-called “Simple Certificates” can be categorized as such:

  1. Those who demonstrate any illness that requires or does not require sick leave.
  2. Those who demonstrate physical or psycho-physical fitness, and are required by a company or job.

These, in turn, are divided into two groups:

  1. Certificates requested prior to the beginning of any work or skill activity that requires the conservation of some of the senses, certain intellectual capacity, physical movements or mental balance; the absence of which puts the patient or third parties at risk. For example, handling firearms, driving cars or boats, teaching, etc.
  2. Certificates requested before starting any athletic activity, both competitive and recreational.

In conclusion:

  • The Medical Certificate is a legal document that must be given the importance it deserves.
  • Except in the cases stated, doctors are not required by law to issue a certificate, but if there is no just cause to refuse, the wording of the certificate is a professional duty in the context of the doctor-patient relationship.
  • It is a must to respect the formalities that ensure correct certificate preparation.
  • The request for a Medical Certificate should be considered an opportunity to carry out a complete health examination, even when the task for which it is requested does not require it.
  • The Clinical Physician must recognize his limitations as an examiner, and not make certifications in areas in which he is not competent, but at the same time, achieve adequate competence to not just become a simple referral guide.

There are many “gray areas” that should be worked on, with the goal of making certificate-issuing a uniform practice.

CERTOLAB carries out your medical certificates in your company’s branch, or at home, throughout the Mexican Republic, certificates that include a profile of visual examinations and classification of the patient by aptitude.

Contact CERTOLAB for Your Workers

CERTOLAB has a global company program for prevention, detection, and timely treatment.

All services can be performed at home in Cuautitlán Izcalli, state of Mexico, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Morelos, Hidalgo, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Guanajuato, León, Mexico City (CDMX) and the entire Mexican Republic.

At no extra cost, including COVID-19 PCR tests, in addition to periodic study campaigns, CERTOLAB has specialized Certified Mobile Units through which you can receive a comprehensive medical and diagnostic service at your company’s facilities, optimizing time and costs.

CERTOLAB Mobile Medical Unit for Business

The mobile units are easy to install, offering service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with coverage throughout the national territory. The equipment in the units complies with the highest quality standards.

CERTOLAB follows all protocols of social distancing, and COVID-19 health, safety and hygiene.

Those wishing to learn more about obtaining certificates for their employees can contact the company online at CERTOLAB Certificado Medico, or by calling +52 1 55 5872 4652.

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