Clint Arthur Reveals “Secrets to Celebrity Speaking” in New Interview

Clint Arthur has unveiled the secrets behind becoming a celebrity speaker in a candid interview, conducted by Sophia Wilson of The Daily Scanner.

The host of The Greatest Show of All Time on 77WABC Radio in New York City, and Dan Kennedy’s reigning GKIC Info-Marketer of the Year, Clint specializes in helping entrepreneurs & experts in all fields to break through the clutter and competition of the most crowded marketplaces, using a unique “category-killing” marketing philosophy: transforming them into “Celebrity Entrepreneurs” in the eyes of their customers & prospects.

Clint Arthur with Martha Stewart backstage during Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing at Carnegie Hall

How Celebrity Speaking Is Used as Marketing

Clint understands how household-name celebrities crush their competition on all kinds of media, regardless of what industry they’re in. He takes the same marketing techniques that give celebrities their unparalleled status and uses them to help his students raise their status and be seen as “Celebrities” in their categories. In the Daily Scanner interview — titled Clint Arthur on the Secrets to Becoming a Celebrity Speaker — Clint breaks down these Celebrity marketing techniques in detail, including speaking on prestigious stages, and appearing on TV news & talk shows, and how & why it turns his students into “the only possible option” for their customers & prospects.

If you are a ‘Celebrity’, and your competitor is not,” says Clint, “then you are going to get a much bigger, tastier and prettier slice of the pie … your customers & prospects will choose you and pay you much more. This will put millions of dollars in your bank account every year, and for as long as you choose to employ this type of marketing.

A lot of people think being a celebrity is about ego — but being a celebrity is actually only about one thing: marketing. Celebrity Entrepreneurship is the most potent marketing technique any entrepreneur can use if you want to have more Impact, Influence, and Income.

In particular, becoming a celebrity speaker involves the positioning created by speaking at impossible-to-get “Very Important Places”: institutions such as Harvard Club of Boston and West Point, stages such as Carnegie Hall, and corporations including NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, and Mercedes-Benz — and Clint Arthur has successfully trained, coached & helped his students to speak at all of these venues, in addition to training them to use their speaking appearances in their marketing.

Those interested in learning even more about becoming a celebrity speaker after reading the interview can visit Clint Arthur’s website, which has information about his Celebrity Entrepreneurship training programs and mentorship and showcases his various media appearances, including videos from his 100+ appearances on local and national TV news and talk shows.

Clint also showcases his students’ successes — and gives prospective Celebrity Entrepreneurs a glimpse into the “celebrity lifestyle” with video reviews of the venues he attends and the hotels he stays at — on, and his students’ written testimonials have been published in a Kindle eBook called Clint Arthur Reviews: Real Reviews of Clint Arthur Experiences by Real Clients.


Clint Arthur on the Nasdaq Jumbotron in Times Square

CLINT ARTHUR is a Celebrity Entrepreneur and the #1 Bestselling Author of “What They Teach You at The Wharton Business School,” as well as “Speaking Game: 7-Figure Speaker Secrets Revealed,” and “Celebrity Entrepreneurship.” He and his work inspired the feature documentary Celebrity Entrepreneur, an Official Selection in 14 film festivals and competitions, and Winner in 2 film festivals.

Clint transforms Experts into Celebrities in the eyes of Customers & Prospects using his “Mathematical Formula for Impact, Influence, Income, and Celebrity Expert Authority Personal Brand.”

Clint Arthur has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today and the National Enquirer, and he has spoken (and has helped his students to speak) on the main stage at Harvard Club of Boston, NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Microsoft, the New York City Bar Association, and even at the West Point Military Academy.

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